Built for Durability!

ActiveFit! outdoor fitness equipment has been engineered for outdoor use in busy public settings.

Our outdoor fitness equipment is superior to any on the market today. We have succeeded in making equipment that is low maintenance, highly durable and beautiful.

With over 20 years of experience making Outdoor Playground Equipment, we know that outdoor fitness equipment needs to be built twice as tough as indoor counterparts.

Our outdoor fitness equipment is Maintenance Free. Self-lubricating nylon bushings (the industry standard for low maintenance and longevity) will outlast sealed bearings.

Our outdoor fitness equipment is Safe. Safety limiters engineered on the inside of our units allow for a clean appearance and eliminates any pinch points. Our nylon bushings provide motion resistance which prevent free movement, resulting in safer loading and unloading.

Our outdoor fitness equipment is Elegant. Our units are constructed with aluminium tubing and stainless steel bolts. Then we coat the metal with Zinc Phosphate Anti Corrosive Epoxy Primer. This is your protection against rusting in our harsh Canadian weather. Finally, you get to choose from over 22 beautiful powder coated steel colors!

Everyone agrees that ActiveFit! outdoor fitness equipment is robust, durable and elegant!

ActiveFit! outdoor fitness equipment is proudly manufactured in Ontario, Canada. In fact, all our manufacturing is done by a trusted company with decades of manufacturing experience, only 30 minutes from our own facilities!

Have a look at our FAQ to learn more about why our outdoor fitness equipment is the best on the market today!


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Friends, Fun & Fitness

Inspiring communities to engage in healthy active living through outdoor fitness. Invite a friend, have fun and enjoy fitness with ActiveFit!

Places for ActiveFit!

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Conservation Areas
  • Walking Trails
  • RV Parks
  • School Yards
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Senior Communities
  • Golf Courses
  • Playgrounds
  • Hospital Grounds
  • Any Public Space!
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